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Quest is a group for lesbian, gay and bisexual Catholics. Its purpose is to sustain and increase Christian belief among homosexual men and women. Quest is open to everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or religious affiliation, and especially welcomes transgender persons.


Established in 1995, KwaAfrica provides services to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in the UK and in Africa. KwaAfrica is an international voluntary organisation whose aim is to improve the quality of lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Rainbow Coalition Against Racism

Formerly known as the Lesbian and Gay Coalition Against Racism operating as part of National Assembly Against Racism, the organisation has now been renamed Rainbow Coalition Against Racism. The coalition exists to create a visible anti-racist voice of lesbians and gay men, and to help forge the unity needed to defeat racism, homophobia and bigotry. It promotes unity between different communities and demands respect and humane treatment for people seeking asylum in Britain. Rainbow Coalition Against Racism maintain a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Rainbow_CAR

African Health Policy Network

African Health Policy Network (AHPN) works to improve the health and wellbeing of the UK’s African population and to reduce health inequalities. The organisation aims at influencing health policies to ensure that the health needs of Africans are recognised and addressed in a meaningful way.

UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group

Formerly known as the Stonewall Immigration Group, the charity provides information and advice on immigration rights for same sex couples and support for lesbian and gay asylum seekers. Since 2003, the focus of the group has been on assisting those who seek refuge in the UK from countries where LGBTI people are persecuted.
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