Rainbow Coalition Against Racism

Formerly known as the Lesbian and Gay Coalition Against Racism operating as part of National Assembly Against Racism, the organisation has now been renamed Rainbow Coalition Against Racism. The coalition exists to create a visible anti-racist voice of lesbians and gay men, and to help forge the unity needed to defeat racism, homophobia and bigotry. It promotes unity between different communities and demands respect and humane treatment for people seeking asylum in Britain. Rainbow Coalition Against Racism maintain a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Rainbow_CAR

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Support Stats & Facts

  • Black African MSM appear twice as likely to contract HIV as other ethnic groups

    (Sigma Research, 2011)

  • BAME MSM make up 0.1% of the total population in the UK, but 13% of MSM diagnosed with HIV.

    (Nastal-3, PHE, 2013)

  • Black MSM are also twice as likely to report homophobic attacks in their local area compared to the white population - 13% compared to 6% respectively

    (Stonewall, 2013)