John Edmonds' Tender Nude Portraits in "Adult" Magazine

The New York-based erotic magazine "Adult" showcases its 2nd issue with this sublime collection of pictures from a talented photographer John Edmonds. The series consists entirely of portraits of young black men, most of whom are strangers he meets on the Washington, DC metro. The images, says Edmonds, are meant to complicate a superficial eroticism by adding layers of political intent.

John Edmonds is 25 years old and lives in the American capital, where he is already making some of the most gorgeous and significant photography in the country. Shooting at the intersection of race and place, sexuality and class, he wants to make his work more humanistic and powerful than the standard frame allows.

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  • Black African MSM appear twice as likely to contract HIV as other ethnic groups

    (Sigma Research, 2011)

  • BAME MSM make up 0.1% of the total population in the UK, but 13% of MSM diagnosed with HIV.

    (Nastal-3, PHE, 2013)

  • Black MSM are also twice as likely to report homophobic attacks in their local area compared to the white population - 13% compared to 6% respectively

    (Stonewall, 2013)