Ark Communes

Ark communes is a new self-help initiative of LGBTIQs in Kenya who are asylum seekers and refugees, seeking resettlement. A pilot group of 45 members live together in two separate communal houses with agreed rules, a daily schedule and elected leaders.

African Human Rights Coalition

African Human Rights Coalition ties together agencies, organizations, individuals, and media from around the world for African LGBTI advocacy and direct relief. Its ultimate goal is to help LGBTI Africans in the pursuit of happiness, self-empowerment, and economic stability, whether in Africa or abroad.

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum (NNRF) is an independent voluntary organisation and registered charity set up in 2000 to work with and for refugees and asylum seekers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire offering practical advice, information, support and friendship and also campaigning on issues affecting them. NNRF seeks to support asylum seekers and refugees in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire to gain fair and just outcomes, rebuild their lives and integrate into society.

African Institute for Social Development

African Institute for Social Development is a volunteer, African-led community organisation that enables Africans to access health services, information, support and skills opportunities. AISD works in collaboration with local, regional and national authorities to reduce the rate of ill health, HIV and sexual health infections. The organisation helps Africans and other ethnic minorities to live better and to fully participate in the UK society.

Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team

Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team (ASIRT) is a not-for-profit advocacy organisation working to support asylum seekers, refugees and other people in the West Midlands who are or have been subject to immigration control. ASIRT provides prompt, independent advice on immigration and asylum, following this up with casework, the submission of representations to the Home Office, welfare support and Tribunal representation.

Rainbows Across Borders

Rainbows Across Borders is a voluntary self-help group for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution of oppressive homophobic/transphobic regimes. The group supports the work of campaigning groups and charities and refers members to those that campaign and provide legal and other support services for asylum seekers. The group is based in Croydon.

Out & Proud Diamond Group

Out & Proud Diamond Group is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex organisation, that sprang from the ashes into international limelight. Previously operating in obscurity under the umbrella of other organisations, it now operates in co-ordination with partners with which it works on equal terms. Previously with a handful of members from Uganda, the organisation currently boasts about a hundred plus members, representing a wide cross-section of African countries including Gabon, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, as well as Jamaica.

Shaka Services

Shaka Services is a charitable specialist sexual health organisation based in South London. It provides high quality, culturally appropriate care and support services and free advice on a range of issues including sexual health, HIV treatment, emotional support, welfare rights, social care, housing and immigration. The organisation works mainly with African/Caribbean and Asian people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS who live in the Greater London area.

UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group

Formerly known as the Stonewall Immigration Group, the charity provides information and advice on immigration rights for same sex couples and support for lesbian and gay asylum seekers. Since 2003, the focus of the group has been on assisting those who seek refuge in the UK from countries where LGBTI people are persecuted.
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  • Black African MSM appear twice as likely to contract HIV as other ethnic groups

    (Sigma Research, 2011)

  • BAME MSM make up 0.1% of the total population in the UK, but 13% of MSM diagnosed with HIV.

    (Nastal-3, PHE, 2013)

  • Black MSM are also twice as likely to report homophobic attacks in their local area compared to the white population - 13% compared to 6% respectively

    (Stonewall, 2013)