Bi: The Webseries

"Bi: The Webseries" is a new LGBT Internet show that details the life of a bisexual black man living in New York City. It sees the lead character, Alex, narrating his life starting from a traumatic break-up, supported by his friends: gay roommate Kai, bisexual homegirl Camille, and Damon – Alex’s oldest friend who happens to be straight. The show explores the stereotypes that come along with identifying as bisexual through detailing both romantic and sexual encounters that Alex has with both men and women.

Gay Pop Star Can't Remember His Best Sex Ever

It has been common knowledge that he was gay, but Kele's his strict Catholic Nigerian parents were far from cool with their son’s sexuality, so he never talked about it in interviews. Since then, Kele has gradually inched his way out of the closet and today is ready to talk about almost everything.

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