Ancient Religious Sites Discovered in Ethiopia

The Tigray region in northern Ethiopia is the cradle of the country's religious history-including the beginnings of Christianity and Islam. This land is an archaeologist's dream, rich with the history than spans three millennia and full of potential to discover sacred ancient sites. Legends has it that Ark of the Covenant is kept there.

Researchers and Locals Work Together to Save Ethiopia's 'Church Forests'

Presenting a workshop on ecosystem services to a roomful of priests in Ethiopia may seem like an unlikely scenario for a conservation biologist to end up in, but for Meg Lowman, it’s an essential part of spreading her passion for bottom-up conservation. “Canopy Meg,” as she’s fondly referred to by her colleagues, believes in the power of local communities to be part of the solution, often in ways that are more effective than researchers can make alone.

World Records Shattered for HIV Testing

Record-breaking numbers of people in eastern Africa have received HIV counselling and testing through two historic initiatives in Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania. In the Gambella Region of Ethiopa, a new world record was set for the most people being tested for HIV during an eight-hour period. The initiative brought together 3,383 people to receive HIV counselling and testing at the Gambella Stadium. Three representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records were present to record the event.

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