Mo'Nique Says Gay-Themed 'Blackbird' Will 'Save a Lot of Lives'

The coming-of-age drama "Blackbird" may raise eyebrows with its intimate same-sex encounters and Christian themes. But Mo'Nique, who headlines the film as the mentally ill mother of a teenager struggling with his sexuality, says it will also spark dialogue. "It’s gonna save a lot of lives," said the Oscar-winning actress. "I’ve hung around in the gay community since I was 16 years old, so I got a chance to really hear their stories and most of their stories were the same — 'my family can't accept me, or my mom's really religious.'"

Black Gay Dads, Kordale and Kaleb, Star in Heartwarming Advert

You may or may not recall the heartwarming Instagram picture of two gay fathers doing their daughters' hair at 5.30am. The photo went viral and has, to this day, received over 45,000 likes. Now, the couple behind the modern day family portrait have featured in a new Nikon advert, alongside their three children. In the ad, Kordale and Kaleb explain how the photograph was a "simple, innocent picture" documenting how they get their daughters ready for school.


"Homophobia is like any kind of fascism, it's sick behaviour, and it damages people. The homophobia that I experienced as a kid, really destroyed my confidence, my self-esteem, spirit and soul. The Christian brainwashing stopped me from flourishing and enjoying life to the full. But I'm determined to show that as a gay man I can be strong. Now I'm finding happiness, confidence and love."


"I was quite lucky because I didn't experience any form of bullying in terms of my sexuality, however, it was still difficult. When I came out to my family, my mum acted somewhat surprised, but she was okay. I think my family kind of always knew." - Jarrelle shares his experience of coming out

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