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Gay Wedding: Terry & Antoine's Instagram Fab Nuptial

Terry Thompson, Jr. & Antoine Thomas slayed my timeline all weekend with hashtag #TerryandAntoine. The Maryland-based pair tied the knot Friday evening (May 15th) at Moxley Gardens and hosted an amazing reception at Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center on University of Maryland's campus. The duo explains how they met via their official website: "Terry and Antoine met in the fall of 2010 on the campus of University of Maryland, College Park. Commons 3 to be exact. Antoine would say that Terry was hooked by the first glance. Antoine would be right.

Top 6 Standout Moments for Black Gays of 2014

To say that 2014 hasn’t been dynamic year would be incorrect. As a community, we’ve been pushed to and through the limits, ushered in the rebirth of a modern Civil Rights movement for change, and made substantial strides in visibility across many sectors in not only pop culture, but public life. Black gay men were leading many charges, and that’s something we should all reflect and acknowledge. Here are top 6 standout moments for our community in 2014, and they include Michael Sam, gay marriage, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and more!

Black Gays Rock: Celebrating 14 Inspiring Black Gay Male Couples of 2014

As the progress for same-sex marriage rights spread throughout America and overseas in 2014, the celebration of same-sex relationships has gone viral seemingly every other week. Marriages, engagements and anniversaries announced via social media platforms caught the attention of the LGBTQ community and allies with widespread honour and support. Such joyous occasions became a big deal for Black gay men in America. These 14 inspiring Black gay male couples celebrated love in a major way this year.

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