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David Oyelowo on Acting, His Royal Roots and the One Role He Won't Take

If actor David Oyelowo projects a regal air, it's one he comes by naturally. Born in England to Nigerian parents, Oyelowo's father had always told him that theirs was a royal family, a claim the actor initially discounted. "I was like, 'Yeah, whatever,' " Oyelowo tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. But then the family moved back to Nigeria, where they lived on a street named after his family, and the actor realized that his father had not been joking.

'Homophobia Is Not Rooted in Uganda But Influenced by Extreme Western Churches' – Frank Mugisha Q&A

What’s it like to be part of a Ugandan minority – of less than 20 – living as openly gay? Frank Mugisha agreed to answer questions about his experiences.

Q: How can we support progressive Ugandan faith leaders to work with their peers to be more accepting?

Capturing Senegal's Strongest

Swedish photographer, Lasse Burell, “more or less stumbled” into the sandpit of Senegalese wrestling. La Lutte – literally translated as “The Fight” – is Burell's new photo-book, capturing a duel of strength and beauty amongst the West African country’s national sport – “Even bigger than football!” riffs Burrell. A no-frills fighting tradition that has developed from ancient pre-battle warm-up's to a stadium-worthy sport in an artful display of agility, strength and ability.

Jody Jock

A quiet man, born and raised amongst the dessert heat and twilight glitter of Las Vegas, Nevada, Jody Jock has spent the past 14 years in San Francisco taking photographs with haunting narratives. By refusing to be held back by a lack of resources he is an inspiring example for young creatives beginning their artistic journey.

Twitterview with Bisi Alimi: Living Positively with HIV for 10 Years

Bisi Alimi is a human rights campaigner and health advocate. He started his advocacy work at the height of the HIV epidemic within the Nigerian MSM community in the late 1990s. In 2004, Bisi rose to notoriety when he first came out as gay on Nigerian TV. The open declaration of his sexuality caused a turning point in the discussion on sex and sexuality in Nigeria. That same year, Bisi was diagnosed with HIV. In July 2012, he was invited to the White House by President Obama for his work with black gay men in Europe.

Gay Pop Star Can't Remember His Best Sex Ever

It has been common knowledge that he was gay, but Kele's his strict Catholic Nigerian parents were far from cool with their son’s sexuality, so he never talked about it in interviews. Since then, Kele has gradually inched his way out of the closet and today is ready to talk about almost everything.

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