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Black Gay Couples Nearly Twice More Violent, Study Says

An annual "Intimate Partner Violence" report by The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs says that black gay couples are almost twice as likely to be stalked and/or abused by their partner. What's up with that? Here are come charts from their website with key findings.

62% of LGBTQ IPV survivors are people of colour

LGBTQ Black/African American people are more likely to experience physical violence from intimate partners

24 Gay Black Couples That Give You & Bae Relationship Goals

Now that same-sex marriage is available in 30 states, it’s time for you and man you love to get things going. Get comfortable expressing love in public, take a vacation together, get shirts made with catchy sayings, or even wake up and fix breakfast in the house you just bought together. Wouldn’t that be nice? Here’s 24 black gay couples that give you and bae relationship goals.

Black Gay Men Are Not a Community of Broken Men

From dinner tables to community board meetings, black gay men have used shade throwing as cultural currency to popularity. We have a tendency to harp on the most unfortunate aspects of our community, and this ultimately leads to the disavowing of our community as a whole. Essentially, many members of our community find subtle, yet destructive ways of rendering our community as incomplete, shameful, and broken. Though often accidental, it’s a perception for which we are all responsible for birthing.

Africa in 2014: 10 Things We've Learnt

From the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the schoolgirls' kidnapping in Nigeria to the murder trial of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius and the conflict in South Sudan, it's been a busy year for Africa. But can you remember some of the quirkier headlines from 2014? Here are 10 things we've learnt in the last 12 months, and these include jollof rice, campaigning by bike, bobble hats, and a rabbit.

Black Gays Rock: Celebrating 14 Inspiring Black Gay Male Couples of 2014

As the progress for same-sex marriage rights spread throughout America and overseas in 2014, the celebration of same-sex relationships has gone viral seemingly every other week. Marriages, engagements and anniversaries announced via social media platforms caught the attention of the LGBTQ community and allies with widespread honour and support. Such joyous occasions became a big deal for Black gay men in America. These 14 inspiring Black gay male couples celebrated love in a major way this year.

Gay Pop Star Can't Remember His Best Sex Ever

It has been common knowledge that he was gay, but Kele's his strict Catholic Nigerian parents were far from cool with their son’s sexuality, so he never talked about it in interviews. Since then, Kele has gradually inched his way out of the closet and today is ready to talk about almost everything.

Sex Without Fear

The new pill that could revolutionize gay life is reawakening old arguments. For some, the advent of this drug is nothing short of miraculous, freeing bodies and minds. For doctors, public-health officials, and politicians, it is a highly promising tool for stopping the spread of HIV. But for others, a drug that can alleviate so much anxiety around sex is itself a source of concern. 

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