Martin Luther King Jr.

Unsung Gay Heroes in History: Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin was the brain behind Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement in 1960s America. Rustin was one of the driving forces behind the Congress for Racial Equality and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Most significantly, Rustin organized the 1963 March on Washington — where King gave his legendary “I have a dream” speech.

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Been in Support of LGBT Rights

The oldest son of the late American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. has said that his father would have been in support of LGBT rights. "The most significant person who helped to organise the March on Washington was Mr. Bayard Rustin [who] was openly gay. What I know, for sure, is that dad was beyond the average person in terms of what he chose to embrace and accept. I think that as he worked to advocate for civil and human rights, he was talking for everyone, not just for people of colour," asserted King III. 

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