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Three Africans to Compete in Mr Gay World 2015

Braving possible persecution, three African men are set to compete in the 2015 Mr Gay World contest, being held in the Western Cape in April and May. The men will represent Cameroon, Zimbabwe and South Africa. While four spots are allocated to Africa in the contest every year, they have never been all filled because of the backlash the delegates could face at home. Homosexuality is currently illegal in 38 African countries.

Kings of Kings Road

Ty Ogunkaya, Body Alves and Liam Gardner photographed by Olgaç Bozalp and styled by Rose Forde, for the latest German issue of "L’Officiel Hommes".

Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou - Opposites Attract

Bienese photographer Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou incorporates a technique very traditional of African portraiture. With this method he captures the body-builders of Porto Novo, showcasing the current generation of Africans caught between tradition and what would be seen as more ‘modern’ practices. Body-builders are nothing new within Africa, but Leonce has them bearing plastic flowers; a beautiful contrast to their masculinity all tied together with various traditional prints surrounding them.

Want to Model for Nasir Mazhar?

British fashion designer Nasir Mazhar has recently put a call out on his Instagram inviting men to model for his upcoming fashion show. The event will take place during men's fashion week in London in January 2015. If you're a guy who wants to start the new year modelling Mazhar's signature sportswear, drop him an email:

John Edmonds' Tender Nude Portraits in "Adult" Magazine

The New York-based erotic magazine "Adult" showcases its 2nd issue with this sublime collection of pictures from a talented photographer John Edmonds. The series consists entirely of portraits of young black men, most of whom are strangers he meets on the Washington, DC metro. The images, says Edmonds, are meant to complicate a superficial eroticism by adding layers of political intent.

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