Senegalese music

Carlou D & Eagle-Eye Cherry - Soldier

Once a member of the Senegalese hip-hop group Positive Black Soul, Carlou D has recently released his second international solo album, "A New Day", recorded in Stockholm and Dakar. On the song "Soldier" he is joined by Eagle Eye Cherry, the brother of Neneh Cherry.

Ouzin Keita - Beureung Barigo

A music video by Senegalese singer Ouzin Keita caused some online stir in Senegal when it debuted on YouTube just over a year ago. "Beureung Barigo", which means "rolling the barrel" in Wolof, is a mbalax style song with simple lyrics calling on listeners to 'clap' for the singer. As of now, February 2015, the clip had been viewed more than 700,000 times on YouTube, discussed on local websites, Twitter and TV. But the attention to the video has more to do with denigrating Ouzin than with the popularity of the song.

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