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#IAmUnbroken - Michael Sam

Michael Sam shares his feelings when he made history as the first openly gay NFL player.


"Homophobia is like any kind of fascism, it's sick behaviour, and it damages people. The homophobia that I experienced as a kid, really destroyed my confidence, my self-esteem, spirit and soul. The Christian brainwashing stopped me from flourishing and enjoying life to the full. But I'm determined to show that as a gay man I can be strong. Now I'm finding happiness, confidence and love."


"I chose to be a part of the Black Gay Visibility project because I want people to understand that they're not alone, they're not inadequate, and that there are people out there who can support them. I think we need more hubs where people can come and share each other's experiences."


"I was quite lucky because I didn't experience any form of bullying in terms of my sexuality, however, it was still difficult. When I came out to my family, my mum acted somewhat surprised, but she was okay. I think my family kind of always knew." - Jarrelle shares his experience of coming out


"You can go through [bullying], but you don't have to play the victim." - D'Relle shares his experience

I Am a Homosexual, Mum

Nobody, nobody, ever in my life has heard this. Never, mum. I did not trust you, mum. And. I. Pulled air hard and balled it down into my navel, and let it out slow and firm, clean and without bumps out of my mouth, loud and clear over a shoulder, into her ear.

"I am a homosexual, mum."

How Art Can Save a Life

"Salvation came in the form of art. I had always loved painting and my parents were proud and supportive. Inspired by fashion magazines, I drew androgynous women in sultry outfits and souped up stances. As I honed my skills, the art fizzed with a fantastical, psychedelic exuberance. I was a repressed gay teenager, and these images - and the act of creating them - helped me to externalize my dreams and desires without fearing denunciation."

The Development Costs of Homophobia

"As a gay man living in Nigeria, my biggest challenge was choosing between my sexuality and my job. Whispers were making the rounds about my private life, and I decided it was time to come out. So I agreed to go on Nigeria’s most-watched television talk show to discuss my sexuality. Almost immediately, my character was eliminated. And when my job disappeared, so did my financial security. Like many gay men and lesbians in Africa, my choice was between economic freedom and mental imprisonment.

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