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A Hopeful Continent

African lives have already greatly improved over the past decade. The next ten years will be even better. A booming economy has made a big difference. Over the past ten years real income per person has increased by more than 30%, whereas in the previous 20 years it shrank by nearly 10%. Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent just now. Over the next decade its GDP is expected to rise by an average of 6% a year, not least thanks to foreign direct investment. FDI has gone from $15 billion in 2002 to $37 billion in 2006 and $46 billion in 2012.

African Academics Challenge Homophobic Laws

African academics have used scientific evidence to argue against such laws and to urge African nations to abandon them. In a report published on 10 June by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF), the academics, most of whom are scientists, make the case that laws criminalizing homosexuality have no basis in science and hamper efforts to prevent and treat HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Mozambique's New Penal Code Decriminalising Homosexuality Set to Take Effect

A new penal code in Mozambique will soon come into effect under which same-sex intimacy is no longer illegal. The new criminal code is set to come into effect in June, and removes a clause which previously allowed “security measures” to be taken against people “who habitually engage in vices against nature.” The previous penal code had been in place, aside from some amendments, since Mozambique was a Portuguese colony, and was written in 1887.

A Complex Self-Portrait of Africa

Holding a retrospective exhibit after only 15 years as a professional photographer may seem unexpected. But such was the timing for Akintunde Akinleye, the only Nigerian photojournalist to have won a World Press Photo prize, in 2007. Since then, he has continued his work for Reuters, capturing life in the heart of Lagos, whose population of more than 20 million makes it Africa’s largest city.

Achieving LGBT Freedom in Africa

My friend asked me if I’d participate in a Pride parade if it was held in Nigeria. He’s a fellow Nigerian who has never been abroad but has watched videos of various Prides. I told him I couldn’t imagine Pride in Nigeria without the thought of people dying. In Nigeria, whenever people gather to protest against an act of the government, police officers attack them with tear gas and sometimes shoot at the crowd.

Researchers and Locals Work Together to Save Ethiopia's 'Church Forests'

Presenting a workshop on ecosystem services to a roomful of priests in Ethiopia may seem like an unlikely scenario for a conservation biologist to end up in, but for Meg Lowman, it’s an essential part of spreading her passion for bottom-up conservation. “Canopy Meg,” as she’s fondly referred to by her colleagues, believes in the power of local communities to be part of the solution, often in ways that are more effective than researchers can make alone.

Programme Boosts African Entrepreneurship

Educational facilities in Africa are being given a jump-start to improve literacy and support the change-makers of tomorrow. Cameroon-born Madelle Kangha teamed up with her partner, Nigerian social entrepreneur Omotola Akinsola, to offer an alternative to the lacklustre, insulated learning environments widely available. Together they decided not to simply build another school house but to co-found Jumpstart Academy Africa.

Three Africans to Compete in Mr Gay World 2015

Braving possible persecution, three African men are set to compete in the 2015 Mr Gay World contest, being held in the Western Cape in April and May. The men will represent Cameroon, Zimbabwe and South Africa. While four spots are allocated to Africa in the contest every year, they have never been all filled because of the backlash the delegates could face at home. Homosexuality is currently illegal in 38 African countries.

Andrew Dosunmu’s 'The African Game'

Nigerian photographer and filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu‘s 2006 collection "The African Game" explores the diverse relationships between soccer and “modern African culture, life and identity. A compelling, on-the-ground depiction of Africa’s passion for soccer,” Dosunmu’s striking photographs of stadium crowds and fans from across Cameroon, Senegal, Togo, Côte D’Ivoire, Angola, Ghana, Tunisia, and Egypt were published alongside lively essays by writer Knox Robinson.

These Amazing Maps Show the True Diversity of Africa

Africa is not a country. It's an entire continent filled with an amazing, unparalleled diversity of languages, peoples and nations, some of the latter among the most heavily urbanized places on the entire planet. There are an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 languages spoken across Africa and the world's 20 most ethnically diverse countries are all African.


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