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sexual orientation

Mo'Nique Says Gay-Themed 'Blackbird' Will 'Save a Lot of Lives'

The coming-of-age drama "Blackbird" may raise eyebrows with its intimate same-sex encounters and Christian themes. But Mo'Nique, who headlines the film as the mentally ill mother of a teenager struggling with his sexuality, says it will also spark dialogue. "It’s gonna save a lot of lives," said the Oscar-winning actress. "I’ve hung around in the gay community since I was 16 years old, so I got a chance to really hear their stories and most of their stories were the same — 'my family can't accept me, or my mom's really religious.'"

Bi: The Webseries

"Bi: The Webseries" is a new LGBT Internet show that details the life of a bisexual black man living in New York City. It sees the lead character, Alex, narrating his life starting from a traumatic break-up, supported by his friends: gay roommate Kai, bisexual homegirl Camille, and Damon – Alex’s oldest friend who happens to be straight. The show explores the stereotypes that come along with identifying as bisexual through detailing both romantic and sexual encounters that Alex has with both men and women.

Ghanaian Celebrities Plea to Review Gay Rights in Ghana

Ghanaian celebrities including Efya and Kuby Mahama have taken to social media to condemn the beating of a suspected gay man, opening a rare window for debate on homosexuality in a country where gay sex is illegal. A video has emerged on social media which shows a well-known music promoter Kinto Rothmans being viciously beaten and threatened by a fuming mob.

Coming Out as a Black Gay Man

"I've started to come out but am finding it hard work and difficult. I'm 21 and black and know that some of my family are going to have a major problem when, or if, I tell them. In fact I'm finding out first hand that some of the black community are never going to accept me. Any advice?"

Nigerian Author and Marketing Exec Kehinde Bademosi Comes Out as Gay

Kehinde Bademosi, founder of Nigerian marketing school Orange Academy, has come out as gay in a public posting on Facebook. In a similar move Bademosi publically disclosed his HIV-positive status last December on World AIDS Day. Bademosi’s latest announcement coincides with the one-year anniversary of Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act being signed into law by president Goodluck Jonathan.

Black Gay Men Are Not a Community of Broken Men

From dinner tables to community board meetings, black gay men have used shade throwing as cultural currency to popularity. We have a tendency to harp on the most unfortunate aspects of our community, and this ultimately leads to the disavowing of our community as a whole. Essentially, many members of our community find subtle, yet destructive ways of rendering our community as incomplete, shameful, and broken. Though often accidental, it’s a perception for which we are all responsible for birthing.

LGBT Magazine Launched in Uganda!

Breaking news: An LGBT magazine has been launched in Uganda, in an attempt to 'reclaim the media' and to promote acceptance of the gay and trans community there. "Bombastic" magazine, which is available free in supermarkets, compiles stories, testimonies and opinions by LGBT Ugandans, and aims to end violence against LGBT people across the country. The magazine has been introduced as politicians in Uganda threaten to re-introduce the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Gay Pop Star Can't Remember His Best Sex Ever

It has been common knowledge that he was gay, but Kele's his strict Catholic Nigerian parents were far from cool with their son’s sexuality, so he never talked about it in interviews. Since then, Kele has gradually inched his way out of the closet and today is ready to talk about almost everything.

I Am a Homosexual, Mum

Nobody, nobody, ever in my life has heard this. Never, mum. I did not trust you, mum. And. I. Pulled air hard and balled it down into my navel, and let it out slow and firm, clean and without bumps out of my mouth, loud and clear over a shoulder, into her ear.

"I am a homosexual, mum."

Will Binyavanga Wainaina Change Attitudes to Gay Africans?

With internationally acclaimed Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina coming out, Africa's embattled gay rights movement finally has a public face around which to rally support for equality. "What he has done is brilliant. He is admired and respected, and the only high-profile African to come out," said Nairobi-based gay rights activist Anthony Oluoch.

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